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Our Brand Story

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Cultivating a Greener Future for the Battery Industry

As a member of the global village, Chen Tech is committed to developing advanced testing technologies and integrating information technologies, providing our clients a eco-friendly battery production and testing solutions.

CTE Story


Collaborated with German power supply company to develop an energy-efficient power battery testing system, PBT 1000, which can perfectly simulate the performance of the battery in vehicle operation.


Established sales representatives in the United States and Thailand, introducing Chen Tech’s products to the cutting-edge testing markets.


Developed MCF-Lite, the testing equipment for batteries used in wearable devices. MCF-Lite can be switched between two current output ranges and supports output as low as 50 μA. A solution that is both economical and flexible.


Developed the premium portable battery testing equipment: the MCL2 Mini, providing different levels of current output (μA to A), enabling a mobile testing environment for battery researchers.


Became the exclusive sales representative of Japan’s SoftEnerrgy Controls Inc., to sell automated energy-efficient battery formation line, effectively reducing the labor and electricity costs needed for large-scale production of power battery.


In response to the global pursuit of sustainability and low-carbon solutions, we invested in the research and development of advanced PWM controls and energy recycling technology, proposing the intelligent energy management solution SEMTest, which reduces energy consumption during battery manufacturing and testing by up to 70% – the best in the industry.


Introduced the CRM system and established a service database that integrated prior experience from providing services to clients.


Enhanced gas gauge products to support multi-communication protocols; established and integrated solution for battery production information management system.


Our charging / discharging equipment entered the supply chain of Korean manufacturers; we also established distribution center in Korea.


Organized a software and system integration team to develop a scalable cloud-based BES battery exchange platform and advanced data analytics software for cell testing.


In order to establish roots in Japan’s local market and to further cooperate with major Japanese manufacturers, we established a branch office offering sales and client service in Tokyo, Japan.


Started developing single-cell high precision charging/ discharging equipment MCL/ MCP to meet demands for charging/ discharging control precision from battery manufacturers.


Began exploring the fields of power battery smart chargers, charging and exchange stations, and charging and exchange applications for hybrid and light electric vehicles.


Our laptop battery pack production/ testing equipment becomes a market leader in the world.


Began developing testing equipment for lithium-ion battery, LiFePO4 battery, and power battery packs in response to growing demand for electric vehicles.


Established a sales and client service branch office in Suzhou, China in response to our increasing market share in lithium-ion battery equipment.


Utilized our expertise and experience in the field of electric vehicle applications to participate in a BES operation of first generation electric-powered motorcycles in Suzhou, China and further expanded our R&D department.


Bagan developing lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries, battery packs for consumer electrics, single-cell battery learning and formation equipment in response to the increasing demand in the consumer goods market.


Initiated R&D for producing testing/ production equipment for lithium-ion battery cells and battery packs to meet next-generation technology developments and established a new production platform.


Opened sales and client service branch office in Guangzhou, China to provide more localized and prompt client services to meet the growing demand for Chen Tech Electric products and services.


Our large-scale lead-acid and VRLA battery testing/ production equipment becomes the market leader in Taiwan.


Awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification.


Opened second factory, located in Erchong, Taiwan, and incorporated R&D for NiMH battery related products.


Bagan producing large lead-acid battery and sealed battery testing/ production equipment.


Produced high power DC control equipment.


Chen Tech Electric is established followed by the opening of our first factory.